Friday, December 14, 2007

new illustration blog

i've started a new illustration blog and finished with 10x15 - i know it didn't last very long but i don't have a scanner so was forced to take photos of the drawings. this new blog will be called DRAWN BY MOUSE and as the title says, it is made up of illustrations i've drawn with a mouse. i really like this method; it frustrates me no end but i like its unpredictability and flow of line.

you can also find the link on the right hand side bar.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

i've heard rumours

i have heard rumours that i will have to cover reception at lunch times. i hate reception work, i don't know why but i do - this could be the final nail in the coffin as far as working at this temp job.

oh by the way i saw jason schwartzman yesterday. he was browsing the books at metropolis yesterday afternoon and made some enquiries about a book of drawings.

if you don't know who he is, he has been in such films as I HEART HUCKABEES,THE DARJEELING LIMITED, RUSHMORE, MARIE ANTOINETTE and a lot of other american indie films.
he is a little man - probably the size of tom cruise (not that i have seen him up close) i was very surprised at his stature, or lack there of.

windy and hot

it is windy...
and hot in the city today.
it has been a while since i have managed to put anything on my blog, i have been busy temping and when i get home i am exhausted.
i will try harder

Sunday, November 18, 2007

look at what i have to contend with everyday!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

around our new neighbourhood

walking around our neighbourhood is so relaxing, once you get off the main 6 lane freeway on which we are situated. i went for a wonder up to our local post office the other day and took my camera with me to show you some of the sites.
these little workers cottages look small from the front but they actually go a long way back often with 3 bedrooms including living room, bathroom, kitchen and back garden. no chance in being able to afford one of these little gems, they are going for no less than $700,000 (appox £300,000)... no chance in obtaining this 2 storey house.

our little post office on the corner past the tall building.

and the street i walk down; i didn't realise how much i missed the australian flora. these stringy barks are just amazing with their distinctive bark and cascading leaves. eventhough the gardens have mostly english roses and plants a few do plant native flowers and trees...i am on the look out.

Monday, November 05, 2007

melbourne and the big wedding day

ed has been posting a lot about dubai so i'll let you look at his blog: ed's blog.

so we arrived in melbourne and hit the lanes, these lanes are full of grafitti some amazing, some just bad tags but on the whole they are worth checking out. on most saturdays you will see at least one wedding party having there wedding photos taken here.

aaaahhhh federation square; full of bars, restaurants and galleries. unfortunately we just missed the pixar exhibition at ACMI

the food is great as well. this fish was served up to us at a restaurant called claypots in st. kilda
and so the last 3 weeks have been leading up to drue and sarah's wedding on saturday 3rd november. it was a brilliant day and thankfully the sun was out and the electrical storm held off until late in the night.

peter, drue and andrew: the main men of the day

dad pulled it out of the bag again and made a great speech.

the first dance went down a treat and was worth the lessons - smoooooooooooth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

carlton baths

would you believe it.....there is a public pool 2 minutes walk from our flat!!

i have been twice now at 7:30am; at this time the sun isn't too strong for my pale, freckly skin to feel it's wrath.

this morning i was swimming to the tunes of 'the libertines', the life guard had it playing on her stereo.
this town keeps getting better!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

our last week in london

our last week in london was full of farewells and visiting lots of places for the last time - well until we return for a holiday of course.
for ed's birthday it was more karaoke, yes more karaoke! and just when the staff at karaoke box knew me by name, it was time to say goodbye - how embarrassing.

on our last full day in london we went to the 'dutchess of kent' and met up with a bunch of friends, we will miss them so much but know we will keep in touch, after all we managed to do so last time ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

the only way to embarrass a gal

this is a slow catch up on what we have been up to since leaving our jobs, our friends and london for the fair shores of melbourne, australia.
well what can i say, my friends at my old work were a brilliant bunch of people and i will so miss them. on my last day we went to karaoke and boy did i convert a lot of people to the ways of karaoke and boy did they embarrass me with t-shirts with my face plastered all over them.
farewell my friends, i know i will see you again.

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